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At I-Tel Group, we prioritise efficiency. Our mission is to deliver products and services more cost-effectively than you could internally. It’s that simple. We pride ourselves on the promise of cost savings, improved processes, and customer service excellence.

Business services made simple

We understand that every business has unique needs and requirements. At I-Tel Group, we offer a range of services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you opt for a fully outsourced solution or choose specific services that suit you best, we ensure effectiveness, impact, and budget-friendliness.

Core services

I-Tel offers cross departmental support covering every core function. What really sets us apart is the additional resource and services to enhance this offering. From Marketing, Design, Accounts and Finance, through to HR support initiatives we have the expertise and staff on hand to provide fully outsourced solutions or extensions to your internal teams.

Procurement and supply
I-Tel Group specialises in sourcing goods and services which fall under the indirect procurement banner. Otherwise referred to as GNFR (Goods Not For Resale), this includes everything you need to run your business. Our team of experienced professionals ensure compliance and guarantee the products you receive are from fully vetted providers.
Supplier management
I-Tel provides a comprehensive supplier management program to reduce your supply chain significantly. We focus on your tail spend, consolidating and managing this portfolio to provide a uniform buying experience, saving time, administration, and resources. We can manage all or specific suppliers, producing a single, import-ready, monthly invoice mapped to your accountancy codes.
Our e-procurement platform offers a full suite of features and benefits to help you control company expenditure and gain detailed insights into spend. Users enjoy a familiar, user-friendly buying experience, while management benefits from a range of reporting capabilities to support budgets and strategic developments.
Strategic Sourcing
Through our well-established and robust supply chain, I-Tel Group has direct links to many manufacturers and distributors. Our long-standing relationships and buying power enable individual clients to enjoy the benefits of a consortium-style approach, optimising pricing, availability, certification, and delivery for enhanced value, efficiency, and cost savings.

I-Tel’s procurement services are interchangeable and designed to cater for the individual needs of our clients. Let’s see how we can support your organisation.

Warehousing & Logistics
Benefit from dedicated space within our warehouse for storing products and supplies, ensuring immediate dispatch and availability of frequently used items. Our problem-solving teams are adaptable, responsive, and equipped with a range of services to support any logistical requirements. Facilities Management
With certified and qualified contractors, I-Tel ensures safe and compliant facility management services. We have dedicated personnel available throughout the UK to meet any of your FM requirements. Asset Management
To complement our Facilities management offering our asset management module allows you to systematically manage all works, routines, compliance, and certification across your sites. Whether you prefer support for your internal teams or entrusting us to manage your entire estate, our solution is designed to enhance efficiency whilst reducing risk to your business. Flexible Resource
We understand not every task comes under a specific heading which is why we offer I-Tel time. Designed to meet any request and loaded with the resource and expertise to deliver, we are very much the concierge style partner. Price aligned to the skill set, this flexible resource can be turned on and off on demand.

I-Tel’s procurement services are interchangeable and designed to cater for the individual needs of our clients. Let’s see how we can support your organisation.

Consolidated Fully Mapped Invoicing
Streamline your administrative tasks and save time with our consolidated invoicing solution. Our import-ready, direct-to-ledger invoices are fully mapped to your cost centers and expense codes, reducing your administration to just a few clicks.
Line Level Detail
Gain visibility and strategic insights with comprehensive expenditure information captured in a structured format. Our detailed data allows for effective spend analysis, informed decision-making, and budget projections.
Customised Reporting
Track and analyse your expenditure across categories, departments, and sites. Aligned with your accountancy codes, we provide insights on spend versus budget, KPIs, and third-party data. Through Microsoft Power BI we generate customised reports and user-friendly dashboards to present the information effectively.
EDI Integration
Automate the purchasing process with EDI integration, maximising efficiency within your organisation. Through EDI trading, we systematically manage everything from the point of order through to invoice booking.

I-Tel’s accounts services are interchangeable and designed to cater for the individual needs of our clients. Let’s see how we can support your organisation.

Tailored Support
Our collaborative team offer additional resources and expertise, working closely with your internal marketing department. We provide tailored end-to-end solutions that deliver convenience and high performance, effectively supporting your marketing initiatives.
Gain visibility and strategic insights with comprehensive expenditure information captured in a structured format. Our detailed data allows for effective spend analysis, informed decision-making, and budget projections.
Harness the power of our in-house design and print capabilities, backed by our comprehensive procurement, production, and warehousing solutions. Experience a seamless end-to-end production process, encompassing design, sourcing, storage, personalisation, packing, and distribution, all under one roof.
Securely store your valuable marketing assets with us and enjoy the convenience of on-demand dispatch. Benefit from our advanced stock management features and user-friendly online ordering system, providing access to images, specifications, and real-time stock levels of your items. Count on us for swift and reliable delivery to support your initiatives and events, and we can even arrange collection if needed.

I-Tel’s marketing services are interchangeable and designed to cater for the individual needs of our clients. Let’s see how we can support your organisation.

Employee Experience
Nurture a positive employee journey with our tailored employee experience program that celebrates key milestones for each individual. From new starter packs to well-deserved long-service awards, we offer a range of initiatives to enhance talent retention and create a positive and fulfilling work environment.
Full Team initiatives
We can help you effectively communicate appreciation and deliver impactful corporate messages across your workforce. With our expertise, you can strengthen employee engagement, inspire productivity, and promote a positive organisational culture.
CSR and Social Media
Make a positive impact beyond your business by supporting initiatives that benefit your organisation and the community. I-Tel Group collaborates with social care organisations and charities, offering fundraising, work placements, and celebrating CSR initiatives through positive PR and social media coverage.
Staff Events
Count on I-Tel Group for comprehensive support in organising your staff events. From venue arrangements to merchandise, our planning, design, production and delivery services ensure your brand and values shine through on the day.

I-Tel’s people services are interchangeable and designed to cater for the individual needs of our clients. Let’s see how we can support your organisation.

Taking the hassle out of sourcing supplies & services

Sourcing goods and services shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we’ve designed our systems in a way that makes sourcing and buying fast, efficient and intuitive.

Our back office systems are built on cutting-edge technology meaning the strategic heavy lifting is taken care of – giving you an easy-to-use platform and optimised indirect procurement without the need for intensive training.

From e-procurement through to warehousing and logistics, we can provide an all encompassing solution, you wont find anywhere else.

Organisations already saving time and money by using I-Tel

Logo of Heineken, showcasing the proud partnership with I-Tel Group for providing bespoke onboarding gifts to new starters, highlighting I-Tel's commitment to enhancing employee experience through strategic collaborations.
Logo of Welcome Break, showcasing the enduring and significant partnership with I-Tel Group, highlighting a shared commitment to excellence in supply chain efficiency and indirect procurement services. This long-term collaboration stands as a testament to I-Tel's expertise in delivering comprehensive, value-driven solutions for notable industry leaders.
Logo of The Works, symbolising the partnership with I-Tel Group in optimising their supply chain and indirect procurement strategies. This collaboration showcases I-Tel's proficiency in delivering customised solutions that improve operational efficiencies and support sustainable business growth."
Logo of Suez, highlighting the collaborative project with I-Tel Group focused on enhancing supply chain and indirect procurement strategies, underscoring I-Tel's expertise in delivering tailored solutions for operational excellence and employee engagement initiatives.
Logo of Entain, representing a strategic partnership with I-Tel Group, focusing on streamlining supply chain and indirect procurement processes. This collaboration highlights I-Tel's capability in enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to sustainable employee engagement practices.
Logo of Yeo Valley, indicating a specialised indirect procurement partnership with I-Tel Group, focusing on optimizing procurement strategies and processes. This collaboration highlights I-Tel's dedicated efforts in enhancing operational efficiencies and supply chain management for leading brands in the UK.

Have questions for us?

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and to demonstrate how we can support your organisation.

Gareth Shaw, I-Tel Group

Gareth Shaw

Senior Procurement Consultant

Gareth has over 19 years’ experience in commercial procurement contract management across both public and private sector. Holding senior positions at the Ministry of Justice and Turner and Townsend Gareth has overseen several multi million-pound contracts.
Guiding I-Tel in best practice and sustainability while offering practical solutions to steer our procurement team towards red tape reduction and compliant, efficient services.

Gareth Thompson

Legal & Compliance

Gareth is a qualified, senior commercial solicitor with 30 years’ experience. As counsel to the directors Gareth brings a wealth of experience to enhance I-Tel’s legal compliance and ensure supply chain legitimacy.
Overseeing all our commercial agreements and supporting the individual requirements of our clients, Gareth brings tremendous credibility to the whole organisation.
Dee Sarikaya, Head of Marketing, I-Tel Group

Dee Sarikaya

Head of Marketing

An impressive background with blue chip companies Dee is a former global B2B Commercial manager for Dyson. A proven track record in marketing and communications Dee is responsible for I-Tel’s client onboarding and messaging.
With huge experience in strategic international campaigns and working effectively in cross-functional teams Dee brings strong commercial acumen alongside an excellent ability to interact and influence at all levels.
Paul Keenan, Head of Client Services, I-Tel Group

Paul Keenan

Head of Client Services

Paul has over 30 years’ experience in B2B sales in both the public and private sector and heads up our client services division. Overseeing high value public and private sector contracts Paul has in depth knowledge of the industry.
Key contact to senior management and C suite clients with a problem solving, customer service excellence ideology.
Andrew Plummer, Operations Director, I-Tel Group

Andrew Plummer

Operation Director

A co-founder from the outset Andy has headed the operations team for I-Tel group. An engineer by trade Andy has a vast experience in manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.
Overseeing the day to day complexities of our hybrid model and ensuring all the individual parts function to produce the seamless highly efficient business model we see today.
Melvin Gauci, MD, I-Tel Group

Melvin Gauci

Managing Director

Managing Director and founding partner at I-Tel Group. Mel has been instrumental in transforming the business from a start-up cartridge manufacturing facility to an innovative forward thinking procurement company.
With 15 years at the helm and in depth knowledge of I.T. infrastructure and data analysis I-Tel Group is today one of the latest key players in the indirect procurement space.

I-Tel Time is a bespoke service that can be tailored to your specific business needs. In order for us to advise you on this service please let us know some business details and select the services you’re interesed in from the list.

Select services from the options below that you’re interesed in. This will help us find the most effective solutions for your business.
Specialist Services
Administration Services
Logistics Services
If you’d like to give us any further information that is relevant to your business please send us a message.