Case Study:
United Response Summer Wellbeing

United Response, a prominent UK care provider with a widespread estate and a dedicated workforce of nearly 4,000, is committed to recognising and valuing its staff. The leadership team at United Response wanted to express their gratitude towards their employees for their exceptional service and dedication. I-Tel Group was tasked with creating a unique gift pack that conveyed wellbeing and appreciation.
Delivering a unified token of appreciation across 400 diverse locations, with a workforce engaged in various care settings and demographics, presented logistical and creative challenges. The project needed to reflect United Response’s dedication to employee engagement and ensure every staff member felt valued.

400 locations

3800 summer wellbeing hampers

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Our solution

I-Tel’s creative teams developed the “Summer Cool Bag” concept, a thoughtful and practical gift that employees would find beneficial. Each cool bag was fully branded and filled with items like lip balm and water bottles, aligning with the wellbeing theme. Our logistics experts managed the coordination and simultaneous delivery of 3,800 gift packs, ensuring an event-day atmosphere across all locations, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation.

DesignProductionProcurementLogistics & WarehousingStaff Recognition and Rewards

The results

The initiative was met with overwhelming positivity, evidenced by extensive social media engagement and enthusiastic internal communications:


Strengthened employee morale and increased retention rates.


Reduction in absenteeism and sick leave.


Enhanced engagement, with staff feeling more appreciated and connected to the organisation.


Furthermore, the project supported a community initiative in Bristol, aiding in the establishment of a facility that assists individuals with disabilities and benefits the local area, showcasing United Response’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

What our clients say

“From a very limited brief, I-Tel created a fantastic concept and delivered a very successful project. We’ll certainly be developing our staff engagement initiatives with I-Tel.”

Ashleigh Boocock

Recruitment Manager

Gareth Shaw, I-Tel Group

Gareth Shaw

Senior Procurement Consultant

Gareth has over 19 years’ experience in commercial procurement contract management across both public and private sector. Holding senior positions at the Ministry of Justice and Turner and Townsend Gareth has overseen several multi million-pound contracts.
Guiding I-Tel in best practice and sustainability while offering practical solutions to steer our procurement team towards red tape reduction and compliant, efficient services.

Gareth Thompson

Legal & Compliance

Gareth is a qualified, senior commercial solicitor with 30 years’ experience. As counsel to the directors Gareth brings a wealth of experience to enhance I-Tel’s legal compliance and ensure supply chain legitimacy.
Overseeing all our commercial agreements and supporting the individual requirements of our clients, Gareth brings tremendous credibility to the whole organisation.
Dee Sarikaya, Head of Marketing, I-Tel Group

Dee Sarikaya

Head of Marketing

An impressive background with blue chip companies Dee is a former global B2B Commercial manager for Dyson. A proven track record in marketing and communications Dee is responsible for I-Tel’s client onboarding and messaging.
With huge experience in strategic international campaigns and working effectively in cross-functional teams Dee brings strong commercial acumen alongside an excellent ability to interact and influence at all levels.
Paul Keenan, Head of Client Services, I-Tel Group

Paul Keenan

Head of Client Services

Paul has over 30 years’ experience in B2B sales in both the public and private sector and heads up our client services division. Overseeing high value public and private sector contracts Paul has in depth knowledge of the industry.
Key contact to senior management and C suite clients with a problem solving, customer service excellence ideology.
Andrew Plummer, Operations Director, I-Tel Group

Andrew Plummer

Operation Director

A co-founder from the outset Andy has headed the operations team for I-Tel group. An engineer by trade Andy has a vast experience in manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.
Overseeing the day to day complexities of our hybrid model and ensuring all the individual parts function to produce the seamless highly efficient business model we see today.
Melvin Gauci, MD, I-Tel Group

Melvin Gauci

Managing Director

Managing Director and founding partner at I-Tel Group. Mel has been instrumental in transforming the business from a start-up cartridge manufacturing facility to an innovative forward thinking procurement company.
With 15 years at the helm and in depth knowledge of I.T. infrastructure and data analysis I-Tel Group is today one of the latest key players in the indirect procurement space.

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